Dept. of Education Report Provides Insights on Best Universities for Low Income Students

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Dept. of Education Report Provides Insights on Best Universities for Low Income Students

The UK is expensive for students. There is no way around that fact and one has to accept it. On an average, UK and European nationals have to pay somewhere around £9,250 on average each year for university studies. While the international students have to pay much higher fees that ranges from £10,000 to an absurd £38,000 every year. There is a great disparity of tuition fee between British/European nationals and international students. If you are already enrolled at a university and are thinking if I can pay someone to take my online class then there are services available for that online.

Various factors increase or decrease the fees for students. For example, if you are a medical student then you might have to pay even more than £38,000 for an year of study, while the humanities majors have to pay less than the average when compared to science majors. In addition, here we have been talking about the UK as a whole, but if we focus particularly on London then we will realize that the average fees for any student in London is higher than other parts of the UK. The UK is among the top four most expensive countries for studies across the world along with the United States, Australia and Singapore, while most expensive in all of Europe.

These statistics raise the question that why should any student study in the UK if it is so expensive? Particularly if you are an international student then what is the point of investing over 10,000 pounds each month just for tuition fees. Of course, there are some reasons why students opt for the UK so heavily despite it being an expensive study destination. Here are three main benefits of the UK being a great study destination despite being expensive.


  1. Quality of Education:

UK is one of the global leaders in quality of education. In the top 10 world university rankings, two of them happen to British universities. Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, University of Manchester, King’s, Imperial College and University of Edinburgh (among others) are some of the most prestigious institutes in the world today. Due to its strong economy, the UK invests a lot in its universities yearly budgets. Therefore, no matter the university you are opting for, the UK has set unprecedented benchmarks in terms of quality of education worldwide.

2-     A Global Village:

Very few places worldwide can be called a global village in the true sense of the word. The UK is one of those places. The country is a melting pot filled with people of all nationalities, religions, ethnicities, languages, race and culture. No other European country comes close to the UK in terms of matching its internationality. If you are a student, travelling from abroad then this might be a massively important factor for you. The UK will make you feel at home because you will regularly come across people from your hometown over there.

3-     Great Variety of Options:

It can be argued that apart from the USA, no other country provides as many study options as the UK. This is especially true for London. You will find tons of options for everything in London, from food to travel to education. Whether you are looking to study marketing, engineering, medical, singing, dancing, acting or whatever else, you will find some outstanding institute for your specific area of discipline in the UK. If you are looking for a variety of choices then the UK is a great option for you.

As we have mentioned above, the UK is expensive but it is also filled with multiple options/choices and its quality of education is brilliant. This means that even if a student has low income, there are still great options for them to study in the UK at an affordable price.  Our team did extensive research and came up with five of the best universities for low-income students in the UK.

1-     University of Wales Trinity Saint David

This university has three campuses in Wales and a fourth campus in London. If you are looking for arguably the most affordable place for studies in the UK then University of Wales is the answer you are looking for. With over 11,000 students enrolled and a rich history dating back to the 1800s, this is a decent option for students looking for prestige and affordability. According to estimates, this university charges around 3,375 GBP for local students and 9,348 GBP for international students, this is quite affordable when seen in comparison to other options. It was ranked number 89 by Times in the UK rankings.

2-     Ravensbourne University London

Ravensbourne University is not for everyone. It is a design and communication school, which also offers vocational courses in fashion, television, graphic design, animation, music, sound design and broadcasting. Established in 1959 in the North Greenwich area of London it was ranked 131st in the national UK rankings of 2020. The university charges 9,250 GBP on an average for domestic students while 13,500 GBP for international students.

3-     University of Cumbria

Ranked 125th in Times national ranking, university of Cumbria is a good choice due to its wide variety of course options. The university has five main departments that include the institute of business, health, arts, education and sciences. With its main campus in the beautiful cathedral city Carlisle, the university has other campuses in Lancaster, Ambleside and London. In terms of its flexibility of course options, multiple campuses, decent ranking and affordability, University of Cumbria is a good choice for students. The university charges a fee of around 10,000 GBP for international students. In addition, it also has an easy admission policy with a high acceptance rate.

4-     University of Suffolk

University of Suffolk enjoys a comparatively similar reputation to University of Cumbria. Just like Cumbria, it offers a wide variety of study options for students. Its range of courses are split into six schools, Social sciences and Law, health sciences, psychology and education, science and technology, arts and design, and business school. It has campuses across the UK with the main campus in Suffolk, England. The university has a national ranking of 129, which is good ranking while keeping in mind that it was formed in 2007. If you are willing to give a chance to a relatively new university, which is rising up the ranking charts, then Suffolk University is a good option.

5-    Coventry University 

With a national ranking of 44 by Times, and world ranking of 531-540 by QS, it might not be wrong to call Coventry university the best option for students in the UK among affordable institutes. Yearly undergraduate fee for local students is 9,250 GBP and 13,900 GBP for international students. Many individual programs of Coventry University have been ranked high in national rankings. For example, Coventry’s film production and photography course was ranked number one in the UK for 2015. This is the best university to opt for if you are a low-income student in the UK.

Higher studies are expensive and if you are wondering if I can pay someone to take my online class then you can find great options online today. If you are looking for an even cheaper option for studies then you should look outside the UK. There are great universities across Europe that offer highly ranked programs at affordable rates. In particular, Germany and Norway offer free education for local and international students.  

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