21 College Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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21 College Hacks That Will Change Your Life

When you enter college there are several things that you will come in contact with for the very first time. This makes life in college, very difficult. Students usually become stressed out as they are unaware of how to cope with the stress. Our experts want to change the experience of college for them. For that, we have gathered the tips from all our online class experts on how you can survive your college life in the best way possible. Here are 21 College Hacks you should definitely try!

1. Hire A Friend! 

Giving presentations in College can be overwhelming. College students are hard to please and hardly ever pay attention to presentations. But you need them to pay attention or maybe fool your teacher into believing that they are? How can you do that? Before starting your presentation, give your friend a question to ask you at the end of the presentation. Doing this will make it seem as if your presentation was able to grab the attention of the students and your teacher will give you good marks.

2. Carry A Water Bottle 

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important if you are a college student. You may be traveling all over the campus from one class to another and to quench your thirst you must have something to drink.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks 

College students disregard their health and are often found munching on unhealthy snacks. This can lead to you gaining extra weight and in the worst-case scenario, get sick. To prevent this from happening you can keep some healthy snacks in your bag and carry them around.

4. Invest In A Laptop Desk 

Keeping the laptop on your lap for too long can give you severe burns. Why give yourself pain when you can easily avoid it? Get yourself a laptop desk so that you can easily work without worrying about it burning your thighs.

5. Rent Your Books 

College books can be very expensive and as students, we know you don’t have that kind of money so the best way around it is renting books instead of buying them. Where to find rentals? Your school might have one, if not you can always go to Amazon and rent a book for yourself.

6. Download All Material 

Whatever material your teachers give to you, download them on your private computer for safekeeping. Make a folder of all the material so that you can have easy access to it whenever you want. It is possible that the teacher might delete it. Hence, to stay on the safe side, download all material you receive.  

7. Coffee Is A Tonic 

Forget all the assumptions you’ve made about coffee. It is very healthy for you! Coffee gives you the energy you need to keep working hard. If you have a cup of coffee in the morning you will be very productive throughout the day. A caffeine rush can do you good but remember that excess of everything is bad.

8. Sleep On Time 

Don’t stay awake at night to work on your dissertations or assignments as that can take a serious toll on your health. Complete your work on time so you don’t have to pull all-nighters to get done with your work. You should at least get 8 hours of sleep so that you don’t have to worry about being drowsy the next day.

9. Keep The Lights Bright In Your Dorm 

Working in low lighting can be bad for your eyesight which is why you should install two types of lights in your dorm. One of them should be like a night light that you can use when you are not studying. When you study be sure to turn on that light so that you don’t strain your eyes and are able to study easily.

10. Study In Groups 

Many students hesitate to study in groups as they believe that they will not be able to concentrate or have an effective learning session. It is not exactly wrong, but it’s not completely true as well. There are many benefits of studying in a group such as your learning will increase when you have peers around you. Their opinions or the information they have will add value to your learning.

11. Be Punctual 

Do not skip out on any of your classes as that can negatively affect your performance. Always make sure that you take your classes. Teachers appreciate students who are punctual. Some of them even grant you marks on your attendance. If you don’t want to lose those marks it a good idea to be as regular as you possibly can. Many colleges also have an attendance policy that allows teachers to stop students from taking exams if they are short of attendance.

12. Pdfs Are Your Friends 

Have you spent hours on formatting your word documents and hate it when all the formatting gets ruined? We have a solution! Send your papers in the form of pdf. When you do that the formatting remains the same and you wouldn’t have to worry about it being formatted automatically. This will save you a lot of time and effort!

13. Take Online Class Help 

If you have any online classes and you are not able to take them on your own, take online class help. You don’t have to worry about your online classes if they are causing you a great deal of trouble. All you have to do is look for a reliable online class help and leave them a message saying do my online class for me’. That’s it!

14. Organize Your Self

It is very important to organize yourself if you want to lead a successful college life. You will have to complete several assignments, work on your dissertations, and even attend classes. You simply cannot compromise on any of them which is why you must have everything planned.

15. Get Your Papers Read 

Proofreading is a difficult task? We know, this is why the hack is to use a text to speech software and get your paper proofread. Once the software reads your paper out loud you will easily be able to address if there are any issues.

16. Get A Scanner 

Your phone should have a scanner so download one. You might need it to submit your assignments that are handwritten.

17. Minimalism Is Key 

Do not gather a lot of stuff in your dorm. The less stuff you have the fewer problems you are going to face. When you gather more and more stuff, your room becomes cluttered. Now, that can cause you a lot of worries.

18. Stay In Touch With Your Teachers 

The more you talk to your teachers, the better you will be able to connect with them. Maintain healthy communication.

19. Participate In Class 

Teachers want you to participate in class discussions and that is why you should make sure you not only ask but also answer questions.

20. Bookmark Your Tabs 

Make a bookmark of all your tabs so you can visit them when need be.

21. Take Help!

It is the most important one as many people tend to forget, it is okay to ask for help. Just ask! It is as simple as ‘do my online class for me’. Good Luck with

your help!

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